The Importance of Professional Wedding Photography

In a world where everyone has a smartphone and many people own professional cameras, one might wonder, "Why hire a professional wedding photographer?" The answer lies in the difference between merely taking photos and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. This is where Art by Light Photography steps in.

More Than Just Clicking a Button

Professional wedding photography is about more than just clicking a button. It's about being constantly aware of the couple and their surroundings, capturing as many emotions and special moments as possible. Unlike Uncle Joe, who might get distracted chatting with other guests, a professional photographer is there to work. They are equipped with the knowledge of lighting, posing, and composition, ensuring that your photos look exactly as you imagined, even in challenging lighting situations.

Creativity and Skill

At Art by Light Photography, we love lighting and photography. This passion allows us to come up with shots that your average friend or relative wouldn't think of. Whether it's night time and you want a photo with your venue in the background, or if there are no photo spots available, our knowledge of creative lighting and composition allows us to go above and beyond to create beautiful shots for you.

Understanding Your Vision and Aligning With Your Style

We are there to understand your vision, what matters most to you, and who are the important people in your life. We focus on capturing all of this and all kinds of special moments. Not only your first dance with your dad but also the tears in your husband's face watching you dance. We work on mood boards not to recreate shots but to understand your vision and your visual preference. Do you like more candid or editorial shots? Do you want to be posed or just have photos of candid moments? We will know all of that with the consultation and be ready when those moments happen.

Overcoming Challenges

Here in Florida, many people dream of their perfect sunset photo without considering that it might be cloudy or raining. But if you really want those shots, we know how to create the look of them with our lighting. We can give you that golden light, even when it isn't there.

Knowledge and Experience

More than anything, what a professional wedding photographer brings to the table is knowledge. Knowledge of lighting, posing, composition, and how to deal with all the wedding problems. We are ready, and we will keep our cool and help you when someone else might freak out.


Professional wedding photography is an investment in memories. It's about ensuring that the most important moments of your special day are captured beautifully and artistically. At Art by Light Photography, we are committed to providing this service, capturing not just images, but emotions, stories, and moments that you will cherish forever.

And remember, hiring a professional photographer means that Uncle Joe can also enjoy your wedding celebrations without the pressure of capturing every moment!

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