The Inspiration behind "Honest Elegance"
We are super excited to reveal “Honest Elegance” was published in The Style Researcher Magazine August 2021 Vol. 19 / The Models Issue! The title of this jewelry editorial came from Liz, owner, and creator of Lady Daze Fine Jewelry. The images of Tabitha wearing the beautiful jewelry pieces had reminded Liz of old Hollywood 1920’s “Honest Elegance” glamour. The name fits the personality of the model and the timeless beauty we wanted to incorporate in this set of photos. We can’t be more thankful to Liz for trusting us with her valuable designs and allowing us to produce this jewelry editorial. As we inspired Liz for the title, it was her jewelry that created the inspiration behind “Honest Elegance.”
“Artists get motivated by each other’s hard work and passion.”

We artists get motivated by each other’s hard work and passion. As soon as we received the jewelry pieces, Andres instantly pictured a light set up in his head for this jewelry editorial. If you know Andres, you know he loves to play with contrast and that’s how he made Lady Daze Fine Jewelry shine in the magazine! The cool blue tones from the “Chandeliers" in rose gold & labradorite earrings inspired him to add warm tones for the background, the hair light, and the shadows for the jewelry to pop. The challenging part about going in this direction of color contrast was finding the right tones to blend in harmony. Luckily, he had bought this orangey warm-colored seamless paper background not too long ago for a different project but worked perfectly for "Honest Elegance” as well. In the second set, Andres ended up choosing the classic black and white contrast to highlight the shapes of Lady Daze Fine Jewelry pieces. The easiest way to be inspired in photographing a product or a person is to accentuate the unique features they possess. As a creative photography team we love being able to capture what we see in front of us, but in a whole new light.

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