Welcome to a captivating photo shoot experience by Art by Light Photography, where creativity and passion come to life.

Our very own Tabitha Hayden, a master of transformation, painted herself in shades of pink and floral patterns for this shoot, morphing into a mesmerizing Pink Nymph. Over ten hours, Tabitha dedicated herself to capturing the essence of this mythical creature through her intricate makeup.

Transforming our home into a makeshift studio, we used a flame-colored seamless paper cut-out and a 6 ft light modifier as the backdrop. This setup added a luminous halo around our nymph, enhancing the ethereal mood of the shoot.

Pushing the boundaries of a conventional beauty shoot, we embraced a 'Floral Inspiration' theme. By experimenting with unconventional lighting setups and playing with gels, we created a unique and playful touch to the photographs.

Our trusty tools for this endeavor were the Canon R6 with a Canon 70-200 lens, an AD200 V1, gels, and a Magmod softbox. These tools helped us capture the intricacy of Tabitha's makeup and create dynamic lighting.

One hurdle we encountered was our initial plan to incorporate smoke. Despite the challenge, we quickly adapted and introduced prisms in front of the lens, resulting in fascinating light patterns that added depth to the photos.

Tabitha's diverse contributions were vital to the shoot. Apart from being the model and makeup artist, she participated in the editing process, solidifying the final outcome as a testament to her artistic vision.

For those planning a similar photo shoot, we recommend detailed planning and openness to new ideas. Remember, the goal is to capture your subject's essence in a unique style.

Join us on this enchanting journey with Art by Light Photography, where we make more than just photos - we create memories that allow you to travel back in time and relive magical moments.

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