Kintsugi Beauty: A Late-Night Editorial Photo Shoot

     Welcome back to Art by Light Photography! We're thrilled to share an extraordinary late-night photo shoot that took place right in our home, after a full day of work. This time, our muse was none other than Tabitha Hayden, a master of makeup artistry and part of our very own team.

Inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken porcelain with gold, Tabitha created a makeup look that embraced and highlighted imperfections. Despite the late hour and a long day behind us, we were both excited to bring her vision to life.

The shoot was an editorial beauty style, with our home serving as the simple, yet effective backdrop. The focus was on the intricate makeup, with lighting playing a crucial role in enhancing the mood and aesthetic of the images. We used two AD 200s, a Canon R6 with a 70-200 lens, a blue gel in a large softbox by Phottix and another one by Magmod, an optical snoot by Lindsay Adler, and a v-flat from V Flat World.

One image stands out vividly: Tabitha lit perfectly by the optical snoot, half her figure bathed in blue shadows against a white backdrop. It was a beautiful interplay of light, shadow, and color, perfectly complementing the Kintsugi-inspired makeup.

Despite the challenges - from the late hour to the limitations of our equipment - we pushed through and were rewarded with captivating images. Tabitha's creativity and dedication were truly the driving forces behind the success of this shoot.

 If you're planning a similar shoot, our advice is to plan ahead, but also be ready to adapt and let your creativity flow. We're here to help bring your unique vision to life. At Art by Light Photography, we aim to capture more than just images. We strive to create art that tells a story and evokes emotions.

Until the next shoot, stay inspired!

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