Greetings from Andres here at Art by Light Photography, your trusted Orlando FL wedding and portrait photographers. Today we're sharing a special story about a birthday photoshoot we conducted for a fellow photographer and dear friend, Amanda Kossina.

Amanda Kossina is an esteemed member of the Professional Photographer of Central Florida guild, a respected peer in our circle, and is ranked as one of the best maternity, newborn, and portrait photographers in Central Florida​​. When Amanda approached us, esteemed Orlando wedding photographers, to capture her birthday celebration, we were both excited and nervous.

The shoot was a vibrant portrayal of Amanda's dynamic and bold style. Dressed in a stunning bodysuit from her own client wardrobe collection, Amanda was ready for her close-up. Drawing on our experience as Orlando portrait photographers, we set the stage with two CTO-filtered lights, creating a dramatic atmosphere. We then enveloped Amanda in a beautiful blue rim light, inspired by the burlesque photography work of Lindsay Adler.

The day of the shoot was a collaboration of talents. It was just Amanda, her assistant, my partner and makeup artist, Tabitha Hayden, and myself, Andres Casallas. Despite our shared nerves, the camaraderie and mutual respect made the experience enjoyable. Tabitha, with her fearless creativity and assistance added unique perspectives that brought the vision to life​​. As a passionate artist always striving to deliver stunning, one-of-a-kind photos, I felt this session was a challenge that fueled my passion​​.

The most memorable part of this experience was seeing the reactions of Amanda and her followers on social media. As Orlando portrait photographers, there's nothing quite like witnessing a client's delight as their vision comes to life​​. Amanda's trust in our abilities was an affirmation of our commitment to quality and our place among top Orlando wedding photographers.

Looking back, this experience underscores why Tabitha and I love what we do. Capturing moments of joy, celebration, and beauty and seeing our clients' delight in the results is truly rewarding. We're grateful to Amanda for giving us this opportunity and can't wait to create more memorable experiences for our clients.

If you're in Orlando, FL and need wedding or portrait photographers, Tabitha and I, here at Art by Light Photography are here to help. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or planning your wedding, we'd love to help capture your special moments. Contact us today and let's create something beautiful together!

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