Hello, adventurous souls! This is Tabitha and Andres from Art by Light Photography, coming to you with a wedding story that's one for the books.
Roxana and Michael, a couple as unique as their love story, decided to celebrate their special day in an unconventional location—the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. This shuffleboard court wedding was nothing short of extraordinary!
The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club, an iconic downtown St. Pete landmark with nearly a century of history, served as the unforgettable backdrop for Roxana and Michael's vibrant celebration. The Spanish-tiled roofs, beautifully restored courts, and warm lamplight together painted a charming and character scene.
One of the most striking elements of the location was its proximity to Mirror Lake, a serene body of water that added a tranquil ambiance to the celebration. The trees adorned with pink blossoms contrasted beautifully with the urban setting, lending a soft, romantic touch. These natural elements added a unique graphic quality to the photos, creating a stunning contrast that made their day even more special.
Yet, the true stars of the event were undoubtedly Roxana and Michael. Their love for each other and their zest for life shone brightly throughout the day. Moreover, their daring choice of venue was a testament to their individuality, a quality we were thrilled to capture.
But the unconventional elements did not stop at the venue. One delightful surprise was Michael's vintage VW Bug. We enjoyed capturing beautiful shots of the couple with this classic vehicle, symbolizing their unique style and love for the unconventional. The Bug added a touch of nostalgia and charm to their day, further emphasizing their personalities and shared history.
At Art by Light Photography, we adore the unconventional. The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club perfectly exemplifies how unique venues can lead to unforgettable moments. Roxana and Michael, we salute you for choosing a venue as extraordinary as your love story. Here's to more couples like you who are fearless in breaking the mold and celebrating their love uniquely.
We are more than just photographers—we are storytellers passionately dedicated to capturing your unique love stories. Roxana and Michael's wedding was a shining example of this passion. Here's to many more unusual venues, extraordinary love stories, and unforgettable moments to capture.

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