As a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing Ana and Ian's special day. I knew this would be a unique and memorable experience when I sat with them. Ana made it clear that she didn't want the typical, cutesy, and light wedding photographs. Instead, she wanted something that reflected her dark, deep, and moody design. As a photographer who uses light to create depth in my pictures, I knew I was the perfect match for her vision.
Ana had followed my photography work since 2013, and I was honored that she had chosen me to capture her special day. She wanted to ensure that the photographs captured the depth, strength, and sultry colors of everyone's outfits, the bouquets, and most importantly, the culture of their Latinidad. Growing up, Ana didn't see brides like her featured in traditional wedding photography, and she wanted to make sure that her wedding photographs reflected her and her family's unique beauty.
     One of the day's most memorable moments was before Ana got into her wedding dress. She closed the door and spent a few private moments in prayer. Ana wanted to walk down the aisle without carrying any heaviness or sin in her heart, believing that this day was a new start to a beautiful life. She anointed herself and her wedding dress with oil, blessing herself, her dress, and her day.
     This wedding ceremony was one of the most magical moments I've ever captured for one of my newlyweds. Everyone laughed, cried, and even a rainbow appeared; it was indeed God-sent. Ana and Ian intentionally wanted to connect with their guests during the ceremony. They asked their pastor to stand in the center aisle instead of at the front of the altar. This allowed their friends and family to see their faces and experience the couple's emotions in real time, making the ceremony incredibly special and interactive. Even as a photographer, this was a fabulous idea to capture those emotions instead of the couple's heads.
     Ana's dad told her how much he loved the ceremony, particularly the vows they wrote for each other. Ana was grateful to God for touching her dad's heart in a way that allowed him to show up for her and place their differences aside. Just like all daughters, she wanted her dad to be there for her.
One of Ana's requests for the evening was to have a "first dance" with all her nephews and niece, ranging in age from 5 to 30. It was a special moment for Ana, a proud and happy aunt. The stories she heard after the wedding made her feel melancholic and a desire to relive that day.
     Overall, it was an honor to capture Ana and Ian's special day, their unique vision, and their love for each other and their family. The memories and moments captured will be treasured for a lifetime. Thank you, Ana and Ian, for entrusting me with capturing the memories of your special day.

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