Hello, photography enthusiasts! Andres and Tabitha from Art by Light Photography are back with a captivating tale of our recent photoshoot adventure, "Sun-Kissed Elegance". Buckle up, because this journey is as sun-soaked and vibrant as our delightful muse, Tabitha!

Our stage was set in the scenic town of Weston, Florida. We transformed a cozy home into a dynamic studio and then moved outside to a porch bathed in Florida sunshine. Working with the gifted Claris Hoffman, who brought her incredible talent for body spray tanning to the fore, and the magical makeup and hairstylist Gloria Tello, we brought to life a range of looks that lit up our frame with vibrancy and charm!

As we ventured outside for some beautiful porch shots, the Florida sun was blazing in all its glory. But fear not! Our trusty AD200 strobe and an ND filter came to our rescue, helping us balance the strong sunlight and create dynamic shots. However, as we moved back indoors, the skies decided to open up and it started raining like crazy! But hey, we got lucky we went in when we did and we certainly don't let a little rain wash away our creativity.

During this rollercoaster of a photoshoot, we faced a few challenges—like rearranging a home into a studio and adjusting our plans due to weather. But with our team's spirit of adventure and collaboration, we navigated these hurdles like seasoned acrobats. And let's not forget the laughs shared—especially when Andres got a surprise body tan from our stylist. Trust us, the bed sheets have never seen such days!

Our advice to all you creative souls planning a similar photoshoot is to gather a team that you enjoy working with. Because when you create with love and laughter, it shines through in every frame.

Speaking of frames, here's a peek at our toolbox for this photoshoot:

  • Canon R6
  • Canon 70-200 2.8
  • Canon 28-70 2.0
  • ND filter by Prism Lens FX
  • Three AD200s for versatile lighting

So there you have it—the inside scoop on our "Sun-Kissed Elegance" photoshoot. At Art by Light Photography, we believe in capturing stories, not just images. So why not let us tell your story next? Get in touch and let's create some magic together!


Claris Hoffman - Wardrobe Stylist - IG @clariStylist - www.clarishoffman.com

Gloria Tello - Makeup Artist/Hairstylist - IG @beautybyglo

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